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5 Steps to Finding Your Aesthetic



By Brooke / @MarryTheSequins

“Crying on public transport is my aesthetic”. If you have ever used Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, you will have heard of this word before, or you will have at least heard “it’s a look”. For some time there, it was all the beauty and fashion bloggers were talking about. Or, remember that meme about Lana Del Rey’s aesthetic being a rose with a lit cigarette tucked inside the petals?


From vintage, retro and pin-up girls to the edgier grunge, gothic and hipster styles – as long as it’s consistent, it makes for a great Instagram feed. But how are you supposed to find your style? Here are 5 ways you can explore what’s on offer; pick and choose whatever takes your fancy and merge it all until it becomes something that’s truly yours.

#1 – Let’s Go Websurfing

Before looking at yourself, take a look at what’s already out there! It’s called the internet – and it’s easier than ever to create digital mood boards to fuel your inspiration. We’ve come a long way from creating outfits on Polyvore, sis!

Even the most niche of fashion communities have dedicated and passionate accounts as part of their online presence, and they’ll usually have links to the places they buy their things from.

Instagram allows you to save pictures to look at later, and Pinterest is great for putting loads of related pictures in one place to help focus your ideas. (We’re on both, so check us out!) Follow accounts and save things that appeal to you whether you think they would suit you or not. You’ll start to see a pattern in the images you’re saving.



#2 – Research a Little More

Especially when dealing with the more retro and vintage aesthetic types, you might be able to look at your family and friends’ style for inspo. The mega plus about this is that you also have access to rummage through their wardrobe!

If you’re the real fashionista in your family and you’ve been tempted to call the fashion police on your own friends – it might be time to take matters into your own hands and create a backlog of your own. Old school sometimes can’t be beaten by new school – so collecting cuttings from fashion magazines, scrapbooking and building a physical portfolio will make sure you always have something to look over when you’re lacking inspiration.



#3 – Start Experimenting

Now that you’re well researched and dreaming in lookbooks, it’s time to start becoming the person modelling all the beautiful looks you’ve been saving. Buy some pieces online and wherever you can find related items in real life. Try to start with more basic pieces, like key items that you can wear again and again with different things to create a number of different looks. It could be a skirt, a pair of trousers or shoes that are quite plain but are a cut or shape that’s quite typical of the style you’re going for.

Once you have 3 or 4 things you really like, you have enough to get started! Match your newbies with things you normally like to wear. All it takes is some imagination and a little confidence.

hipster grunge street style aesthetic

#4 – Accessorise

Ok so – you’ve got mountains of inspiration, a few good items to get you going and hopefully a ton of enthusiasm! However, everyone knows it’s not really

what you wear – but more how you wear it.

This step is what really makes the style you’re replicating an expression of who you are. Play with jewellery, make-up, hair. Even the little things like a matching manicure and unique phone case can make all the difference.

Take photos of yourself in your new fits and fashions. Look at them next to the photos you started looking at in the first steps of your fashion journey, and think of ways to keep immersing yourself further and further into the style you want.


kawaii pastel cute fashion aesthetic style

#5 – Evaluate & Expand

You’ve had a pretty good taste by now of the style you’re looking for – maybe it was an insta queen or a full kawaii princess. Remember those people you researched at the beginning? They had a solid commitment that was consistent and seemingly endless. It’s now time for you to decide exactly what you want your aesthetic to be.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to blend styles, or even wanting to ditch the whole thing and start from square one! As long as you are comfortable, and happy, you should pursue your new look.

Keep finding clothes and accessories you like, and growing your collection!

When all is said and done, your happiness is the most important thing. So many people have such a deep and personal relationship with fashion and style, it has to be worth a try! Were you successful? Let us know in the comments!

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