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How to Have The Confidence To Wear What You Love

self love confidence wear fun clothes

self love confidence wear fun clothes

By Letitia Jarrett / @sempiterna_

Have you ever seen someone in a colourful jacket, crop top, tiny shorts with fishnets and statement boots? They’ll probably have their hair dyed a pastel colour and wear cat eye sunglasses. Have you ever looked at them and thought “They look so bomb, but I could never pull that off”? What about someone in full Lolita, or a sickening drag look. It’s easy to think “that would never look good on me”, right?

The truth is simple. You are exactly the sort of person to suit whatever fashion style you like. Certain looks are not the reserve of certain people, body types, skin tones, ages or gender. The trick to being able to pull off your favourite styles is putting the clothes on your body, leaving the house and knowing you look fabulous.

alternative-clothing-confidence confidence-wearing-alternative-clothes

Knowing you look fabulous is the challenge. Our society focuses on looks and is ready at any moment to tear someone down. If you’ve ever worn clothes that make a bold statement, you might catch people giving a sideways glance or even smirking to themselves. Truly ignorant people may even make comments. Remember – the opinions of people who are unimaginative and obsessed with conforming do not matter! Brush ‘em off and make a proud statement! For every one person whose insecurity makes them judge people being themselves, there are ten people inspired by you.

“You are exactly the sort of person to suit

whatever fashion style you like.”

The biggest hurdle is overcoming the critic inside you that says “you can’t wear that.” The first person that has to agree you look good, is you. You might look at that floor length leopard print coat and feel like you could never work it, but until you see it on your body you never know! In the words of Shakira – try everything!

confidence-wearing-alternative-pieces having-confidence-to-wear-alternative-clothes

Trying the clothes on your body is the best option for quite a few reasons. Every body is different, and some shapes, colours and trends and colours will make you shine more than others. Learning which shapes and colours bring out the best you will help you know your body and how you can perfectly match your favourite styles to you. The best way is to visit stores and try things in the changing rooms. Pick up items you might not ordinarily choose, because escaping your comfort zone is the best way to keep your style fresh, exciting, as well as the way to surprise yourself with what you like and what looks good on you.

“Until you see it on your body, you never know!”

That’s all you need. You don’t need to change your body and you don’t need to change your personality. You are perfectly unique, and so is your style. The only thing necessary to have the confidence to wear what you want, is finding what makes you feel fabulous and knowing that nothing else matters apart from that. Once you feel fabulous inside and out, nothing can take that away. So go out there and find your own unique, inspiring style and bring it, honey!

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